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SILA field reports online

Reports summarizing the field campaigns run by SILA in the years 2001-2007 are now available as downloads. The field reports contain preliminary results from surveys and excavations in Greenland and are for public use.

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The Cartoon Project

The Prehistory of Greenland told in drawings and text

In a joint venture between the graphic artist Nuka Godtfredsen, researchers at SILA and Grønlands Skolebogsforlag (Publisher of Greenlandic school books) the latest research in the prehistory of Greenland is communicated to a broad audience.

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Current projects

SILA's projects aim to highlight both the local developments and the major historical changes from the time around 2500 B.C. to the early years of European contacts. Enquiries to the archaeological materials will be made making use of both humanistic as well as approaches derived from social science and natural science.

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