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The Cartoon Project

The Cartoon Project

The Prehistory of Greenland told in drawings and text

In a joint venture between the graphic artist Nuka Gotfredsen, researchers at SILA and Grønlands Skolebogsforlag (Publisher of Greenlandic school books) the latest research in the prehistory of Greenland is communicated to a broad audience. The stories told in the cartoons will be fiction on the personal level, but rooted in specific prehistoric and material archaeological evidence and in a precise geographical Arctic setting.

There are planned four albums of each 52 pages: 1) The first migration to Greenland, 2) The Late Dorset society in the High Arctic, 3) The meeting between the Thule Culture and the European Whalers in west Greenland, 4) The Norse society in Greenland. The albums will firstly be published by the Greenlandic newspaper “Sermitsiaq”, with one page weekly. The albums will hereafter be published as books with both Greenlandic and Danish text. Moreover it is our plan to produce an English translation. Our goal is for the stories to be read by all interested (Inuit) people from Greenland, North America and Denmark.

Read about Qanga - an exhibition with drawings from the cartoon project.

Cartoon Project

View two pages from the cartoon about the prehistory of Greenland [Danish text].

Page one

Page two 

Buy the album "De første skridt" [The first steps] in Danish in Museumsbutikken, the museum shop.