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Previous projects

Alphabetical list of previous projects:

Churches, Christianity and Chieftains in the Norse Eastern Settlement.

Coastal, fjord and inland dwellers: Settlement Patterns in Central West Greenland.

Conference 2006: The Thule Culture – new perspectives in Inuit prehistory.

Cross-cultural processes in South Greenland.

Dynamics of Northern Societies.

Hearths and Hot Rocks - Pyro-technology in prehistoric societies.

High arctic late Dorset - maintaining contacts.

Lithic production concepts in the palaeo-Eskimo cultures of Greenland: A diachronic investigation of the lithic industry in Saqqaq, Dorset, Independence I and II.

Norse settlement in the Vatnahverfi Region, South Greenland ca. AD 985 – 1450.

Repatriation of Inuit Cultural Heritage: An analysis of Danish and international repatriation practices.

Resources, mobility, and cultural identity in Norse Greenland AD 980-1450.

Saga Trails – Brattahlið, Garðar, Hvalsey Fjord´s Church and Herjolfsnes: four chieftains’ farmsteads in the Norse settlements of Greenland.

Stone Age settlements in the northernmost landscapes of the world: Spatial analysis of prehistoric settlements in Peary Land and Northeast Greenland.

The Greenland Isotope Project.

The Stone Age of Qeqertasuup Tunua, Disko Bugt.

Trade and Exchange in Greenland: The Steatite Objects Analyses Project 2005-07.

Workshop 2005: The study of Technology as a method to gain social and cultural insight into Prehistory.