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Conference 2006

The Thule Culture – new perspectives in Inuit prehistory

SILA's distinguished researcher, professor Hans Christian Gulløv, turns 60 on May 10th, 2006. H.C. Gulløv is internationally renowned for his profound and broad knowledge on the prehistory of the Arctic and in particular for his research on the contact period and Thule Culture of Greenland.
Among his hundreds of publications the books presenting the excavations of the first missionary station in Greenland, Haabetz Colonie 1721 – 1728 (1979), and his studies of the Thule Culture, From Middle Ages to Colonial Times (1997), stand out as ground-breaking contributions to the knowledge on Greenland's past. His work is based on a fruitful combination of archaeological, ethno-historical and historical sources.

In order to celebrate professor H.C. Gulløv and the many progresses made during the past decades in research on the Thule Culture, SILA invites colleagues and friends to an international conference:

The Thule Culture – new perspectives in Inuit prehistory, The National Museum of Denmark, October 25th – 28th, 2006

Invited researchers are encouraged to submit proposals for conference papers (20 minutes oral presentations, 10 minutes discussion). The seminar is planned as a single session lasting two days followed by a one-day excursion to carefully selected archaeological and historical sites on the island of Moen.