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Open-Mic Research is a unique opportunity to explore new ideas together with a group of fellow urban nerds. We stole the idea for Open-Mic Research from stand-up comedy where open-mic shows function as laboratories where new jokes can be tried out and tinkered with in front of an audience of likeminded comics.

Each participant gets 7 minutes to present an idea. The idea can be practical, theoretical or methodological and have precisely the form that the participant finds suitable for this particular event. And, to be sure, it is absolutely not a problem if the idea is half-baked, vaguely defined and badly formulated! After the 7 minute presentation, all participants at the event may contribute with their thoughts and suggestions to an informal exploration of the idea that was presented. Depending on the number of participants, each idea gets 15-20 minutes before we move on to the next one.

At the ‘Open-Mic Research’ events, all ideas can be hacked! When an idea has been presented, it is free for anyone to use and expand upon. If all goes well, in the end, we get smarter together!

Open-Mic Research