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The world’s growing cities contain our biggest challenges, paradoxes and possibilities. Never before has so many people lived in cities as they do today. And urban population continue to grow. If we are to succeed in creating a sustainable future for the growing urban populations of the world, it is crucial that we solve the massive social, technological and environmental challenges that the cities give rise to.

CitySmart takes place once every three month . At each event, we invite one urban expert, who will help us in understanding cities and urban development. Based on the perspectives introduced by the invited expert, participants at the CitySmart event develops new ideas, imageries and models for future urban development. Before each event, a small number of selected texts will be distributed among the participants.

CitySmart is an urban forum that is open to everyone interested in cities and urban development across all disciplines and backgrounds.

CitySmart takes place in the SUMO SPACE in Brede Værk. After each event, tapas and drinks will be served and participants will get a change to meet and nerd out based on the presentation made by the invited urban expert.