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We collaborate with a wide range of specialists in Denmark and abroad. Each in their way, they add important knowledge to our projects and scientific communities in general.

Centre for Textile Research

We collaborate with Centre for Textile Research (CTR) at University of Copenhagen. The center focus strongly on textile history and archaeology via substantial research programs as well as via research training of young scholars. It has a variety of activities connected to textile history and involving universities, museums and design schools. Read more about CTR.

Cloth Cultures in and Beyond the Viking Age

Representatives from Centre for Textile Research at the University of Copenhagen, the National Museum of Denmark, University of Uppsala, the Swedish History Museum Stockholm and Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo have established the Scandinavian research network Cloth Cultures in and Beyond the Viking Age for front-line investigations and disseminations of scientific studies of clothing, household textiles, textiles for warfare and trade. The network offer state-of-the-art knowledge with analysis of material evidence as well as written sources, and a forum for discussion and dissemination.

Many Scandinavian research institutions, museums, universities and other arenas for dissemination possess each in their way knowledge about Viking Age textiles and clothing, craft technologies, and knowhow about the significance of textiles and textile production. The Network will unify this scattered research geographically, institutional and across disciplines. The main objective is to strengthen historical/archaeological textile research by sharing knowledge, and developing and integrating new theories and methods in this research field.

The participants are:

Eva Andersson Strand, Associate Professor
Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson, Senior Researcher
University of Uppsala and the Swedish History Museum, Stockholm

Ulla Mannering, Research Professor MSO
National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amica Sundström,Senior Curator
The Swedish History Museum Stockholm, Sweden

Marianne Vedeler,Professor
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Norway

Cloth Cultures in and Beyond the Viking Age