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The Museum of Danish Resistance security levels were unchanged

30. april 2013

Although in 2011 the National Museum reduced its number of museum guards to follow budget cuts, this meant no changes in the security levels at the Museum of Danish Resistance. The security at the Museum of Danish Resistance when the fire began early on Sunday morning was the same as before the cuts in numbers of museum guards were introduced.

The Museum of Danish Resistance has an automatic fire alarm system (ABA system), which is inspected once a year, together with a yearly system inspection by an accredited inspection company. The system meets all the relevant rules and is directly connected to Copenhagen Fire Brigade’s control centre. It was this automatic alarm system that in the early hours of Sunday morning alarmed Copenhagen Fire Brigade about 

According to the police the fire started in a portable toilet outside the building of the Museum of Danish Resistance, and there are no indications that the fire was started deliberately. The National Museum awaits the final confirmation of the cause of the fire from the police.

The Ministry of Culture has asked the National Museum to produce a review on the fire at the Museum of Danish Resistance for the use of the Ministry of Culture’s Security Committee. The review is expected to be ready in the near future.

For further information contact:
Henrik Schilling, Head of Press, The National Museum of Denmark. Tel: 41 20 60 16