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Fire at The Resistance Museum

28. april 2013

Update Wednesday, May 1st. 2013 kl. 10.50:
After establishing, that the fire at The Museum of Danish Resistance was arson, the Copenhagen Police is looking for people with information, that could help the investigation. Contact The Copenhagen Police.

Update 19:45: None of the rescued items have suffered irreversible damages, but can be restored.

Update 16.45: Head of Conservation at The National Museum of Denmark is confirming, that so far no artefacts or records have been lost in the fire at the Museum of Danish Resistance. There are, however, certain textiles and records, that will need care. But so far, all items will be able to go back into the exhibition and the archives.

Update 16:00: Firefighters are still working at The Museum of Danish Resistance. The museum has had part of its copper roof removed, and the fire is under control. The saved artefacts and archival holdings have been packed, and are being transported to the Conservation department.

One third of the museum building is quite damaged, and the forthcoming technical investigations will clarify both the cause of the fire as well as the possibilities of saving the building. It is however clear, that it will take some time before the museum is accessible as usual. The Museum of Danish Resistance is therefore now discussing how the annual celebration of Liberation Day, May 4th., can take place. 


In the early morning of April 28th., around 2 a.m. a fire broke out in the café at The Museum of Danish Resistance, situated in the centre of Copenhagen. No persons have been injured, but the fire quickly spread to the building, which houses the exhibition. The Museum exhibits objects related to the Danish Resistance Movement during the German occupation of Denmark in World War II.

The buildings are severely damaged, but according to present information, firefighters have been able to save almost all artefacts, and the museum archives are secure. Museum staff has been at the site during the whole morning, and personnel from the Preservation Department at The National Museum of Denmark is ready to examine and care for the rescued artefacts.

The full extend of the damages are not yet known, neither is the cause of the fire.