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Ask-a-curator: Viking-questions, please

Maria Baastrup
Maria Baastrup

For Ask-a-Curtor day we focus on vikings. We are planning a special exhibition on vikings for 2013, so we´re very much in "viking-mode". We will be on from abt. 12 o´clock.

Our tweet-curator fo the day is Maria, who presents heself this way:

"I'm an archaeologist with the Southern Scandinavian Viking Age as my primary field. I’m particularly interested in the various types of metal objects – jewelry etc. - that are found with the help of metal detectors. At the National Museum of Denmark a significant number of metal objects are handed in every year. I have just finished a research project about imported metal objects in Denmark. They have been imported from the English/Irish area and the Continent, and they reflect contact between the Scandinavian Vikings and their European neighbors."