Education (MA) in 1986 from University of Copenhagen, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology. 


1988-92 Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen.
1992-91 Associate Professsor, University of Copenhagen.
1995-99 Director, Historical-Archaeological Experimental Centre, Lejre.
1999- Director, SILA.

Selected publications

Grønnow, Bjarne; Meldgaard, M. & Nielsen, J. B. (1983) Aasivissuit - The Great Summer Camp. Archaeological, ethnographical and zoo-archaeological studies of a caribou-hunting site in West Greenland.Meddelelser om Grønland, Man and Society, Vol. 5.

Grønnow, Bjarne (1987) Meiendorf and Stellmoor Revisited. An Analysis of Late Paleolithic Reindeer Exploitation. Acta Archaeologica, Vol. 56, pp. 131 - 166.

Grønnow, Bjarne (1994) Qeqertasussuk - The Archaeology of a Frozen Saqqaq Site in Disko Bugt, West Greenland. In: Morrison, D. & Pilon, J.-L. (eds.): Threads of Arctic Prehistory: Papers in honour ofWilliam E. Taylor, Jr. Archaeological Survey of Canada, Mercury Series, Paper 149, Canadian Museum of Civilization, pp. 197 - 238.

Grønnow, Bjarne & Jensen, Jens Fog (2003) The Northernmost Ruins of the Globe. Eigil Knuth’s Archaeological Investigations in Peary Land and Adjacent Areas of High Arctic Greenland. Meddelelser om Grønland/Monographs on Greenland, Man & Society, 29.

List of publications in the research database of The National Museum.

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