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Recent books

Technology and Tradition in the Eastern Arctic, 2500 BC – AD 1200. A Dynamic Technological Investigation of Lithic Assemblages from the Palaeo-Eskimo Traditions of Greenland.

By Mikkel Sørensen

Monographs on Greenland, Vol. 350.

Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen 2012  

Cultural Enconters at Cape Farewell. The East Greenlandic Immigrants and the German Moravian Mission in the 19th Century.

By Einar Lund Jensen, Kristine Raahauge and Hans Christian Gulløv

Monographs on Greenland, Vol. 348.

Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen 2011  

Meldgaard’s Vinland Vision.

By Christian Koch Madsen and Martin Appelt

The Carpenter-Meldgaard Endowment at the National Museum of Denmark

Copenhagen 2010.

The Archaeology of Old Nuulliit. Eigil Knuth's Investigations in the Thule Region, North Greenland, 1952-1990.

By Mikkel Sørensen

Monographs on Greenland, Vol. 349.

Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen 2010.

Danish Journal of Geography, Vol. 110(2)
Special Volume on the GeoArk Project and related IPY-projects

Edited by Anne Birgitte Gotfredsen and Bjarne Holm Jakobsen

Copenhagen, 2010

On the Track of the Thule Culture from Bering Strait to East Greenland. Proceedings of the SILA conference 'The Thule Culture – New Perspectives in Inuit Prehistory'. Papers in Honour of Hans Christian Gulløv.

Edited by Bjarne Grønnow

PNM Publications from the National Museum. Vol. 15.

Copenhagen 2009  

Nuussuarmiut – Hunting Families on the Big Headland

By Keld Hansen

Monographs on Greenland, Man & Society, Vol. 35, 2008.

Copenhagen 2008  

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