The Cartoon Project

The Prehistory of Greenland told in drawings and text

In a joint venture between the graphic artist Nuka Godtfredsen, researchers at SILA and Grønlands Skolebogsforlag (Publisher of Greenlandic school books) the latest research in the prehistory of Greenland is communicated to a broad audience.

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The GeoArk Project 2003-2009

The GeoArk-project is an interdisciplinary research program exploring the dynamics of the High Arctic environment  - climate, coasts, natural resources - and the cultural strategies applied by the native cultures of Holocene North East Greenland in order to cope with ever-changing life conditions.

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The battle of the Climate

Archaeological and historical investigations of the German Wehrmacht weather stations in Northeast Greenland, 1941-1944.

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PhD project

PhD project on trade as a meeting of cultures - European artefacts in the late Thule Culture by PhD fellow Peter Andreas Toft.

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