Cand. mag. (MA) in 1995 from University of Copenhagen, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology.

Ph.D. in 2004 from University of Aarhus, Institute of Anthropology, Archaeology and Lingvistics.


1996-2000 Research Associate, The National Museum of Denmark.

1999 Network Administrator, the Danish/Greenlandic Research Network.

2000-2002 Research Associate, SILA.

2004 Project Coordinator, the Ghana and Tranquebar Initiatives of the National Museum of Denmark.

2005-2007 Research Fellow, SILA.

Selected publications

Appelt, Martin & Gulløv, Hans Christian (eds.) (1999) Late Dorset in High Arctic Greenland. Final report on the Gateway to Greenland project. Danish Polar Center Publications, no. 7.

Appelt, Martin; Berglund, Joel & Gulløv, Hans Christian (eds.) (1999) Identities and Cultural Contacts in the Arctic. Danish Polar Center Publications, no. 8.

Gulløv, Hans Christian & Appelt, Martin (2001) Social bonding and shamanism among late Dorset groups in High Arctic Greenland. In: Price, Neil (ed.) The Archaeology of Shamanism. Routledge.

Larsen, Helge & Appelt, Martin (eds.) (2001) Deering – a Men’s house from Seward Peninsula, Alaska. Publications of the National Museum, Ethnographical series, no. 19.

Appelt, Martin (2006) Gathering Sites as Focal Places in Prehistoric Greenland. In: Grønnow, Bjarne & Arneborg, Jette (eds.) Dynamics of Northern Societies. Publications of the National Museum (PNM), vol. 10.

List of publications in the research database of The National Museum.

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