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Chinese gong
Head of a hurdy-gurdy
F. Thomsen accordion
Teuffel Birdfish guitar

The Danish Music Museum moves to new premises

Due to the relocation of the Danish Music Museum to new premises, the exhibitions are closed p.t. However, the office is open at the address Worsaaesvej 19, 2nd floor, Frederiksberg C. Click for hours.

The new premises are situated in the former Broadcasting House, which also houses the Royal Danish Academy of Music. In future, this unique "house of music" will offer an exceptional interplay between the practising musicians and the culture-historical musical instruments.

Besides, the new premises make room for "Det Klingende Museum" - a new project for children and young people, permitting them to explore all kinds of musical instruments within the three main categories: classical music, rhythmic music, and traditional music.

The re-opening of the exhibition is scheduled to September 12, 2014.

Musical Instruments throughout 500 Years

The Danish Music Museum was founded in 1898, and the exhibition includes musical instruments from Europe, Asia, and Africa from the 16th century through the 21st century.

Unfortunately, the extensive collections are not accessible during the removal period. However, a database at the museum's library makes it possible to study all the instruments, inclcuding photos and all necessary information on each instrument. Click for library hours.

Some of the beautiful instruments can be seen at Historical Knowledge - Themes - Musik.

Library, Archives and Photo Collection

The collections include an extensive library, archives and a picture collection that reopens soonest possible after the relocation. Clic for hours.

The library comprises works of and material about many of the great personalities of Danish music history - e.g. Angul Hammerich, Johan Svendsen, Aksel Schiøtz and Niels W. Gade - besides material about important Danish music institutions and organisations. Specialist literature about musical instruments, periods and sectors are found as well.

Publications and postcards

Catalogues from previous special exhibitions, the museum's annual as well as a collection of postcards are for sale at the office. Clic for hours.

Clic for titles, photos and prices.

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