The Danish Music Museum - the world of instruments

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Musical instruments over 3000 years

The Danish Music Museum was founded in 1898. The exhibition includes musical instruments from Europe, Asia and Africa dating from the Bronze Age until the 21st century. In 2014 the museum reopened with a brand new exhibition at its new location on Rosenørns allé.

Library, archives and photo collection

The collections include an extensive library, archives and a photo collection. Click for hours.

The library contains works by and material about many of the great figures of Danish musical history - e.g. Angul Hammerich, Johan Svendsen, Aksel Schiøtz and Niels W. Gade - as well as material relating to important Danish music institutions and organisations. There is also specialist literature about musical instruments, periods and various other musical subjects.

Publications and postcards

Catalogues of previous special exhibitions, the museum's annual publication and postcards are on sale at the museum. Click for hours.

Click for titles, photos and prices.

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