The artist Nuka K. Godtfredsen

Nuka was only four years old when he picked up the oil colours. His great inspiration was his grandmother's brother Johan Markussen, one of Greenland's most renowned naivistic artists.

Nuka has among many other things worked as illustrator on a number of books produced by the Greenlandic publisher Atuagkat and the Greenlandic Schoolbook Company. He has produced several highly praised stamps for the Greenlandic Postal Service.

His great public popularity was however created with the comic strips about the entrepreneur and anti-hero Andala that through several years – 1997 to 2001 – were published weekly by the Greenlandic newspaper Sermitisiaq. The strips were later published as independent comic books. He found the inspiration for Andala during several long hikes with his good friend Ole Vittus Lynge in the inland areas of West Greenland. Though his never ending conversations with Ole he got interested in biology, geology, prehistory and history. Nuka also often returns to the many interesting conversations he had with the old excellent storytellers he meet among the caribou hunters inland.

He has recently created the company Andala in collaboration with his wife Lisbeth Valgreen, and they have now begun publishing the very popular children’s books about Andala’s childhood.

Throughout his entire life drawing and painting has played a crucial role. It was, however, only with Oqaluttuaq Nuka started working with watercolours, and had the chance to work as a full-time storyteller and painter.

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Nuka K. Godtfredsen


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