Photo sales at the National Museum

Photographs can be bought from the National Museum for both commercial and non-profit purposes. The National Museum’s photo sales include archive photos, as well as new photographs of objects owned by the National Museum. The museum’s photo sales also cover archive photos and, for example, photos of projects within the museum’s area of responsibility.   

To order a photo you need to know which department of the museum has the material that you wish to buy a photograph of. You should give a clear description of the object. It is also helpful if you can provide the museum number.

If you require photographs to use in stories in the press and other media about the museum and its exhibitions please contact our press department.

Prices - commercial use

Prices (in Danish) for commercial use in daily newspapers, weekly publications (papers and magazines), periodicals and journals etc.

Prices - non-commercial use

Prices (in Danish) for non-commercial use, including by state and state-recognised museums, archives, libraries, private and editorial use of pictures in scholarly productions (non-profit).

Contact persons for photo sales in the National Museum’s individual departments:

Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities:
Bodil Bundgaard Rasmussen

Danish Middle Ages and Renaissance:
Else Rasmussen

Danish Prehistory:
Lone Klint Jakobsen

The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals:
Else Rasmussen

Modern Danish History:
Wibeke Haldrup

Ethnographic Collection:
Jesper Kurt Nielsen

The Museum of Danish Resistance:
Henrik Lundbak

Conditions and ordering

Conditions for sale and ordering of photographs

1) Present conditions for sales and ordering apply to all the National Museum departments’ offers, sales and orders, unless otherwise arranged in writing.

2) Ordering occurs directly with the relevant department of the National Museum.
3) The photographs can only be used for the originally arranged purpose and must not be passed on to others for publication. 

4) Photographs sold by the National Museum remain the property of the National Museum and shall be returned after use to the relevant department. In this way a sale covers only one right of use. Lost or damaged photographs will incur a charge of 2000 kroner.    

5) The responsibility for the use of the National Museum’s sold rights of use rests fully and solely with the buyer. Thus the National Museum cannot in any way be made responsible for the use, as the sale takes place with the proviso that depicted people or motives have individual rights, which must be observed by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for obtaining the permission for publication of the people appearing in the photographs and third party copyright of motifs.

6) With all publication the photographer’s name (if known) and the National Museum should be presented in the following way: photographer’s name/the National Museum of Denmark.

7) Photographs must not be edited, superimposed or subjected to other electronic manipulation without the photographer’s/the National Museum’s permission.

8) Electronic storage must not take place without the National Museum’s permission. This is with the exception of electronic treatment in the period (hours/days) necessary for the relevant production. Scans should be removed from the buyer’s electronic storage immediately after use.
9) In the case of reprinted books, 50% of the price of the relevant picture will be paid.

10) Photographs on the Internet should be published at low resolution. The right of publication applies only for an arranged period, of a maximum of one year.

11) Loaning of negatives cannot take place.

12) All prices do not include VAT and payments must be made immediately.

13) The National Museum is not liable for operating losses, profit losses or other indirect losses resulting from the agreement, including indirect losses occurring as a result of delays or deficiencies in the sold photographs.