Three historic homes – three centuries

The Victorian Home – a luxurious apartment


The National Museum’s Victorian Home is located in a property on Frederiksholms Kanal, just a short distance from the National Museum. Merchant Rudolph Christensen’s luxurious apartment is fully furnished in the period’s Danish style called  “klunkestil” and is as it would have looked in the period between 1890 and 1914. The authentic interiors are remarkably well preserved, from the sitting rooms with upholstered furniture, elaborate draped curtains and ornaments, to the original bathroom and toilet.


Brede Manor – a merchant’s house


Brede Manor is part of the industrial complex of Brede Works (Brede Værk), located in a river valley north of Copenhagen. The manor was built in 1795 as the country residence of the owner of the works, merchant Peter van Hemert (1734-1810), and his family. It has been fully restored in the neoclassical style of van Hemert’s day, complete with delicate furniture and murals.


Little Mill (Lille Mølle) – a home from 1916


In 1916, in one of the last old mills on the defences of Copenhagen, Mr and Mrs Flach-Bundegaard made their unique home. Little Mill is not a typical home of this time, but features many traits of the period. It is furnished in the national romantic style, but also somewhat in that of its owners. It is a large house with five floors and many rooms, where everything remains as it was when the married couple lived there.

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